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Match the quality theorist with the theory they are responsible for.
Quality Theorist Theory
W. Edwards Deming
Pareto Principle
Joseph Juran
Zero Defects
Philip Crosby
Total Quality Management (TQM)
Walter Shewhart
A project manager is working with a risk manager to prioritize individual project risks. What project management process is associated with this activity?
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You are a project manager for Lightning Bolt Enterprises using a hybrid model to manage projects. Your new project involves the research and development of a new type of rechargeable battery. The project objectives should include which of the following?
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Roshoud is the VP of customer operations for Galactic Kidz and the project sponsor of the latest project, called Project G. He sits down with Sally, the project manager, to discuss how they will respond to the risks identified. For one risk in particular, he asks Sally to facilitate the purchase of insurance to protect against a liability. What type of risk response is this?
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Yasmin is the project manager of a project that will produce a new line of widgets for the company. She guides the project team in defining the project requirements in detail before moving into production. Because of compliance requirements that must be met, she maintains a rigid change control process for changing requirements. What method is Yasmin using to manage the project?
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