New PMP Question & Answers with explanation

Match the type of PMO with its description.
PMO Type Description
Takes control of projects by directly managing them via project managers that report to the PMO
Provides support and requires compliance against published project management and governance frameworks
Provides consultation to project teams by providing resources, training, and access to information
A project manager is managing a project working to produce a fitness tracking device. Using an adaptive approach to managing the schedule, the project manager works with the team to update and prepare stories for the upcoming iteration, accounting for any recent changes that may have occurred. This is an example of:
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All of the following are true regarding the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct except for which one?
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A project manager has been reassigned to another project after her previous project evolved to ongoing operations. What type of project ending did she experience?
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You’ve recently begun to suspect your friend, a fellow PMP credential holder, might be accepting gifts from hardware vendors who are bidding on an upcoming multimillion-dollar project that she’s going to manage. She has a new LED flat-screen computer monitor at her desk, she showed off her new electronic tablet at a meeting two days ago, and today she unpacked a new ultra-thin laptop while you were in her office. Which of the following should you do?
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