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Match the term with its description.
Term Description
Enterprise environmental factors
Conditions, not under the immediate control of the team, that influence, constrain, or direct the project, program, or portfolio
Organizational process assets
Plans, processes, policies, procedures, and knowledge bases that are specific to and used by the performing organization
Which of the following best describes honesty as a value that project management practitioners should abide by?
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As part of performing administrative closure activities, a project manager creates false responses to a stakeholder satisfaction survey. He reasons that he has received highly positive feedback throughout the entire project and didn’t want to be a bother to his stakeholders after they worked so hard to successfully finish the project. The project manager’s actions violated which core value addressed within the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct?
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Projects may come about as a result of which of the following?
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A project manager is managing a project that contains a high degree of ambiguity. The project team is expected to adapt to changes as the scope of work becomes clearer over time. To better set expectations with the team, what is the project manager likely to communicate regarding the use of an iterative approach to managing the project life cycle?
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