New PMP Question & Answers with explanation

Rachel is a project sponsor of a project that is developing a new innovative line of screen doors meant to attract budget-minded consumers. Most project managers cringe when assigned to a project sponsored by Rachel since she tends to hover for the details and be suspicious of every team member’s behavior, causing a flurry of issues for the project manager to resolve. According to Douglas McGregor’s leadership theory, what type of manager is Rachel?
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According to the PMBOK® Guide, all of the following mean the same as contract except which one?
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Match the term with its corresponding description.
Term Description
Burnup chart
The total time it takes to deliver an item, measured from the time the work is committed to the time it is completed
Lead time
The time required to process a work item
A measurement of the schedule efficiency expressed as a ratio of earned to planned value
Cycle time
A visual depiction of the work completed
Schedule performance index
The sum of story point sizes for the features completed in an iteration
You work for Star Bank as a project manager. Your project is so large and risky that you’re not certain the organization should undertake it. You propose conducting a feasibility study, as its own project, to examine the benefits of the new proposed project. The feasibility study is approved and begun. Which of the following statements is not true regarding this project?
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Kaylee is a senior project manager for a fitness company that is developing a new franchise model. She has just led the team through various workshops to capture requirements. What activity is she likely to perform next?
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