New PMP Question & Answers with explanation

A small sample of your project’s PERT calculations is shown here. Activity 2 is particularly important to the project, and your stakeholders are asking for a confidence level for this activity. You tell them there is a 95.44 percent chance of completing activity 2 within how many days?

Likely Expected Value
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A small sample of your project’s critical path is shown in the following table. Assuming each activity must finish before the next activity can begin, which of the following options is not correct?

Early Start
Early Finish

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You are the project manager for Changing Tides video games. Your project is a longterm project and will be completed in three phases over the next two years. You have gathered the inputs for the Estimate Activity Durations process and are ready to produce the activity duration estimates. Your sponsor would like a project estimate for all three phases by the end of the week. He understands that at this stage it will be a rough order of magnitude estimate and not entirely accurate. Which of the following tools and techniques will you use to produce this estimate?
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A project manager is in the process of building the project team and obtaining the materials and supplies the team will need to achieve the project’s planned outcomes. In what activity are they engaged?
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What is the goal of a team charter?
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