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Crystal is a family of methodologies intended to support a wide range of projects, depending on project size and criticality. Match the Crystal Method used when basing the selection solely on the range of stakeholders involved.
Crystal Methods
Crystal Method Name Number of Stakeholders Involved
Crystal Clear
1 to 4 people
Crystal Red
20 to 40 people
Crystal Yellow
6 to 20 people
Crystal Orange
5 to 100 people
A small project team is in the process of performing a feasibility study on the potential build-out of an offshore data center. Several team members have expressed excitement about the project, since early indications from the study show that this may be a costeffective solution that can save the organization millions of dollars in annual expenses. The Operations team, however, has expressed strong concerns about the impact to the team’s morale if this project were to proceed forward. Where would the project manager document the various strategies for engaging with stakeholders, based on their needs and reactions to the project?
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Sue, the project manager of a pet facility build-out project, plans on attending an upcoming Pets for the Environment expo to mingle with other pet facilities and see the latest gadgets and technology used by the industry. This is an example of:
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A good project manager understands that:
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Tim works for a project management consulting firm that has just assisted a client in implementing a new process improvement plan. The executives of the company are pleased with the outcome of the project but are unsure how they will be able to maintain this new level of productivity. In response, Tim suggests that they use Kaizen events based around the Kaizen Theory. The Kaizen Theory is also known as:
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