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Match the project life cycle with its corresponding goal.
Project Life Cycles
Type Description
Customer value via frequent deliveries and feedback
Manage cost
Correctness of solution
Who developed the 14 Steps to Quality Management?
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The human resources associate at the Uptime Software Development Corporation is finding it difficult to attract new recruits due to the competitive nature of finding software developers. In response, she has suggested to her manager that the company increase the standard benefits package. Standard benefits provided to all employees is known as:
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After Bruce, the project manager for the Happy Holiday Cruise Ships, Inc., makes his rounds through the office, he usually compiles the notes he’s collected from talking to his team into a quick performance report and shares it on their team wiki site. Performance reports are an example of what type of communication?
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A risk manager of a software company is performing quantitative risk analysis. While numerically analyzing risks, she decided to utilize external subject-matter experts. What can the risk manager gain through this technique?
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