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Your manager requests a meeting with you. When you meet, she asks you about the third paragraph of the recent status report. She doesn’t understand what it means and believes that it may cast a bad light on her and the team. She asks you to explain, listens to your response, restates what you said, and then offers suggestions regarding how to phrase this type of information on future status reports. Which style of leadership and type of power does your manager practice?
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Kaylee is a risk manager working in collaboration with Alyssa, a project manager, and both work for a top healthcare company. During a tense moment, they have a heated debate on how a risk should be treated. They decide to get the sponsor’s viewpoint and reach consensus after further discussion. What conflict-resolution technique did they use?
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A project manager hosted a celebration for the project team to reward them for a job well done that led to the successful completion of a major project. It was clear to the project manager that the team was relaxed and enjoying themselves, with some talking about upcoming vacation plans. What type of project ending is this?
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A junior project manager works with the procurement manager to review vendor proposals. The procurement manager decides to select a vendor who did not have the highest weighted score against the criteria that were predetermined. The project manager learns that the vendor is the procurement manager’s cousin. What should the project manager do?
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You are a project manager working for a nonprofit organization. Your team consists of full-time employees from the same nonprofit organization, and all of you are motivated by providing a service to others in need. You have worked with these team members before and know they all have outstanding performance records. Your project concerns setting up a receiving and distribution center for new and gently used laptops to be distributed to schools in Latvia. At a recent team meeting, you reiterated the expectations for this project with all of your team members. You eagerly listened to their ideas and concerns and assured them you would support them in meeting the goals of the project no matter what it takes. Which theory do you subscribe to?
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You are in the Manage Team process and preparing for your individual team members’ performance assessments. You will use one of the tools and techniques of this process to determine each team member’s leadership, influencing, and effective decision-making capabilities. Which tool and technique is this referring to?
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Your manager knocks on your door and asks whether you have time to discuss the recent draft status report you sent her for review. She knows you are interested in performing at your best, but it seems that the third paragraph of the status report may contain a misstatement. She diligently listens to your explanation and realizes that her assumptions were incorrect. She explains that if she misunderstood, others might also. She asks if you wouldn’t mind taking a stab at clarifying this paragraph. Which theory does your manager practice?
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Which of the following conflict-resolution techniques emphasizes areas of agreement rather than areas of difference?
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Avoiding, accommodating, reconciling, directing, and problem-solving are all considered to be types of what?
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A superuser of a customer relationship management system calls the project manager for assistance in resolving a system bug recently discovered by a member of his team. What has the project manager failed to do?
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