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What motivational theory is a combination of Theory Y behaviors and the Hygiene Theory?
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While performing activities associated with controlling project and product scope, a project manager uncovers scope creep. The project manager learns that the scope creep was a result of a close friend, who is a prominent stakeholder of the project. What should the project manager do?
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Charles works for a prominent company within the entertainment industry as head project manager. He recently learned that a highly confidential movie deal under negotiation may feature his wife’s favorite actress. Despite the confidentiality agreement he signed, he decides to reveal the information, knowing that she will keep it to herself. What core value upheld by project managers has Charles violated?
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Alfred accepts a job as a security program manager, even though he is not qualified for the role. He reasons that he can learn on the job, despite not having met the position requirements. What value did Alfred fail to uphold?
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Ralph is a project manager for Storm Health. He has struggled since joining the company, and his manager has noticed a gap in a critical PM skill. In a recent kick-off meeting, he struggled to answer questions on how the project aligns with the organization’s goals, insisting it wasn’t relevant. What critical skill should Ralph sharpen?
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The project manager using a predictive delivery approach develops a project management plan to describe how the project will be executed, monitored, controlled, and closed. Which of the following is a valid tool to assist the project manager to assure the success of the project management plan?
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The project sponsor of a project has just met with the organization’s senior executives to provide them with a summary of the latest project that is about to kick off. He introduces Yasmin, the project manager, and commits to the room of executives that the project is bound to be a success. Who assumes responsibility for the success of the project?
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Herzberg’s Hygiene Theory notes that there are two factors that contribute to motivation, one being hygiene factors. Which of the following represents the second factor?
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A project manager considers how best to navigate through the politics of the organization where most of their project team resides. What skill set is the project manager exercising?
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You witness a trusted colleague violating a privacy law of the country in which you are both temporarily stationed for an assigned project. What should you do?
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