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Your team has done an outstanding job, and you have notified their functional managers that their assignment is over. They are all reluctant to go back to their functional work group and are sorry to see the project come to an end. They enjoy working for you and say this project, and working for you, has been one of the best experiences of their career. According to the adjourning phase of team formation, you could take all of the following actions except for which one?
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Alyssa is a project manager tasked with managing an infrastructure project that will consolidate five data centers into one. After kicking off the execution of the project work, she holds a team-building workshop with the core project team. What is she looking to achieve?
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A project manager is leading a project with team members dispersed globally. Which of the following tools or methods can the project manager use to create virtual workspaces?
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Which method of analyzing stakeholders considers power, urgency, and legitimacy?
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Abiding by and complying with laws and regulations, confidentiality of information, and accepting assignments for which you are qualified as a project manager are examples of upholding which value?
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All of the following make up the PMI Talent Triangle™ except for which one?
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What motivational theory is a combination of Theory Y behaviors and the Hygiene Theory?
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Which of the following are underlying success factors for forming Agile teams?
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While performing activities associated with controlling project and product scope, a project manager uncovers scope creep. The project manager learns that the scope creep was a result of a close friend, who is a prominent stakeholder of the project. What should the project manager do?
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Charles works for a prominent company within the entertainment industry as head project manager. He recently learned that a highly confidential movie deal under negotiation may feature his wife’s favorite actress. Despite the confidentiality agreement he signed, he decides to reveal the information, knowing that she will keep it to herself. What core value upheld by project managers has Charles violated?
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