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Sue, a project management office (PMO) leader, is interested in shifting the organization from using a predictive to an adaptive delivery model. The majority of the key stakeholders she works with have been around for more than 10 years and tend to be averse to change. What approach is Sue likely to take in shifting to an adaptive approach?
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Which of the following statements best describes stakeholders?
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Servant leaders tend to exhibit what characteristics?
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Many projects fail because of conflicts among stakeholders. Conflict often exists because of which of the following?
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Who is responsible for understanding the interests and personal agendas of stakeholders?
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Ralph is a project manager for Storm Health. He has struggled since joining the company, and his manager has noticed multiple gaps in critical PM skills. During a recent meeting, Ralph incorrectly claimed that the project budget had been fully approved. As a result, multiple purchase orders were processed, which alerted his manager, who knew that the budget had not yet been approved. The manager decides to confront Ralph, who admits to intentionally giving misinformation in the hopes that the budget would be approved and that all would be OK. What core value has Ralph violated as a project management practitioner?
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Reasons to Lyv is the top client of a large marketing firm. Trudy is the president of Reasons to Lyv and has decided to launch a product that leverages new GPS tracking technology. She sits down with Roy, the project manager on the project, to discuss which stakeholders are resistant, unaware, neutral, supportive, or leading within the project. What tool or technique are they using?
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Your colleague recently accepted a job transfer that requires a PMP credential. During a recent conversation, he confided to you that he lied on his application in order to get the assignment. This is an example of what?
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Your manager requests a meeting with you. When you meet, she asks you about the third paragraph of the recent status report. She doesn’t understand what it means and believes that it may cast a bad light on her and the team. She asks you to explain, listens to your response, restates what you said, and then offers suggestions regarding how to phrase this type of information on future status reports. Which style of leadership and type of power does your manager practice?
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Kaylee is a risk manager working in collaboration with Alyssa, a project manager, and both work for a top healthcare company. During a tense moment, they have a heated debate on how a risk should be treated. They decide to get the sponsor’s viewpoint and reach consensus after further discussion. What conflict-resolution technique did they use?
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