286 New PMP People Questions & Answers with explanation

Within Agile, an “I” shaped person refers to what?
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You work in an environment that uses a combination of delivery approaches, namely, Agile and Predictive approaches, with one-month release cycles. The vice president of your division has told you to report the status of the project budget for the current release as on track. You have experienced three budget overruns in the past six months and know that the status of the budget for the existing release is poor. However, you also know there is a repayment coming on one of the procurement work orders that will reverse almost all of the cost overruns you’ve experienced for this latest release. Which of the following do you know to be true regarding this question?
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A project manager is responsible for a project that consists of Agile team members dispersed across four time zones. The team has experienced communication issues as a result. What can the project manager do to alleviate the communication challenges?
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In what order do servant leaders approach their work?
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Oreste is managing a project release using the Scrum model and has decided to colocate the team for the duration of the project. What benefits will Oreste realize by using this approach?
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Which of the following best describes the role of a product owner within an Agile team?
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You are a lead project manager for a company that develops and manufactures healthcare devices. Your team has recently begun to adopt Agile practices after receiving the directive from the division president. What power type is at play in this scenario?
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One of the core tenants highlighted by Agile approaches is the value of flow versus focusing on how people are utilized. Which of the following reflect benefits of optimizing flow to attain value?
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All of the following are common roles used in Agile projects except for which one?
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During the development of the project stakeholder engagement plan, a project manager is usually dependent on the voice of the project stakeholders to obtain expert opinion. Which of the following is an important tool available to the project manager for gathering and organizing stakeholders’ information?
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