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One of your team members, Daniela, talks with you privately about a confrontation she just had with Noelle, another team member working on the same project. It seems they can’t agree on a fundamental business process needed for the project. They both think they are correct in their view, and each has set up a meeting with you, independently, to convince you of her position. Which of the following statements is true?
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A project manager meets with the team to increase cultural awareness by conducting training on cultural norms relating to countries they will be closely engaged with. What activity is the project manager engaged in?
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Which of the following options explains one of the reasons that a project manager spends time developing the project team?
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You are working on a project that involves some top-secret manufacturing techniques your organization has invented and patented. One of the team members on the project has an extraordinary amount of knowledge about this technique. She is sought after by others in the organization for advice and will need to help the team with the current project. It’s important that nothing involving this technique is discussed outside of this project. What type of power does this describe?
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Reasons to Lyv is the top customer of a large marketing firm. Trudy is the president of Reasons to Lyv and has decided to launch a product that leverages new GPS tracking technology. She sits down with Roy, the project manager on the project, to discuss which stakeholders are resistant, unaware, neutral, supportive, or leading within the project. What activity are they performing?
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You are a project manager working in a foreign country. You observe that some of your project team members are having a difficult time adjusting to their new environment. You provided them with training on cultural differences and the customs of this country before arriving, but they still seem uncomfortable and disoriented. Which of the following statements is true?
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Diana is a newly appointed project manager. As part of onboarding to the new team, she shadows Charlie, a senior project manager. During a team meeting, she witnesses Charlie using several profanities when engaging with one engineer in particular. She cringes in her seat as she sees Charlie talk over the engineer and chastise him for challenging the schedule. Although new to the team, Diana decides to report Charlie’s behavior to her manager. What core value has Charlie violated?
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The project manager is facilitating an exercise with the team by asking questions about the product and forming answers to describe the use, characteristics, and other relevant aspects of what will be delivered. In what activity is the team involved?
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Your project involves the research and development of a new food additive. You’re ready to release the product to your customer when you discover that a minor reaction might occur in people with certain conditions. The reactions to date have been very minor, and no known long-lasting side effects have been noted. As project manager, what should you do?
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Balancing stakeholder interests and attaining customer satisfaction are important activities for project managers. One of the best things you can do to ensure customer satisfaction is to define and document which of the following?
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