286 New PMP People Questions & Answers with explanation

Sue is the head of an Agile PMO. She delivers a presentation at the annual company meeting to describe her role’s responsibilities and the value of the PMO. As part of her presentation, Sue delivers an award to a project manager for exhibiting strength in defining critical success factors of the project, facilitating iteration planning, and knowing when to ask for help. What skill set is she recognizing the project manager for?
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Which of the following represent characteristics of a servant leader?
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All of the following statements are true regarding communications within an Agile work environment, except for which one?
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Which of the following reflect characteristics of Agile teams?
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Servant leaders are practicing role models of Agile practices. How do servant leaders approach their work?
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What is the role of a servant leader?
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Tom is a project manager working for a reputable editorial agency specializing in exam preparation. He and his team use Agile approaches to manage projects. Because of the company’s growth, three new project managers have been hired, and Tom has stepped up to mentor the new hires. One of the new project managers is struggling with her project and has asked Tom for help. She notes that her team is not working effectively together, frequently missing team meetings and having difficulty in reaching agreements. What can Tom suggest to turn the team around?
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You are the project manager for a project that will produce a mobile phone application that sends alerts when UV rays are at dangerous levels, alerting users to stay indoors. Your team has recently adopted Agile, and you have modeled your approach on that of a servant leader. Which of the following characteristics are you likely to follow?
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Within an Agile project, the role of project manager may or may not be used. What other roles within an Agile team reflect responsiblities similar to those of a project manager?
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What is the goal of a team charter?
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