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Match the following conflict-resolution techniques to their corresponding descriptions.
Technique Description
A resolution technique that involves withdrawing from the conflict
A resolution technique that partially resolves conflict by finding a solution that brings some satisfaction to all parties
A resolution technique that results in a win-lose situation
A resolution technique that often leads to consensus and commitment
Carina is a principal project manager of You’ve Got Dogs, a specialty company that creates custom dog apparel and toys. Three months into the project, she kicks off the second phase of a project that is developing high-tech dog bones. As part of her practice, she sits down with her sponsor to determine whether there are any new players that they missed in the first phase, and they hold a discussion on the direction of influence of these new stakeholders. What activity is Carina carrying out?
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A project team that is attempting to adopt an Agile mindset may use all of the following questions to develop an implementation strategy, except for which one?
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A project manager working under contract for an enterprise PMO contributes to the creation of a project management handbook as part of his assignment. At the conclusion of the project, he decides to sell and market the handbook under his consulting group’s brand, even though he was one of many contributors acting as agents of the organization. He reasoned that his contribution to the creation of the handbook afforded him this right. How are his actions likely to be viewed by the contracting organization?
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One of your project’s deliverables requires skills in journalism. You have three resources working on the activities that need to be completed for this deliverable. One of the resources is beyond happy with her situation and tells you that she is finally in a project where she feels like she is performing at her peak potential. Which of the following statements best describes this situation?
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You are a project manager for a network cabling project for your organization. Your project team consists of six full-time employees and three contractors. They have all worked together on a previous project a year ago. You are new to the team. Which of the following is true?
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You are in the process of facilitating a change control meeting. You review a change request that would double the scope of the project but would not yield a major increase in the project’s resulting benefits. You know that the submitter of the change request has a tendency to bloat a project’s scope without fully thinking through the impact, but as a result of their position in the company, their changes tend to be approved. You invite a financial analyst to the meeting to walk the team through the negative impact of the change request, and the team votes to reject the change. What type of power did you use?
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A project manager managing a small project has a total of 12 active stakeholders. How many lines of communication exist?
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You are a project manager with a new company. You started less than 30 days ago. Your boss has told you it’s urgent that resources are attained and assigned to the project as soon as possible. This is your top priority. You have both internal and external resources. You have two internal positions that will be full-time employees, but the positions are vacant, so you need to recruit for and fill these positions. You happen to have a good friend you’ve known for several years who also attends your local PMI chapter. He is well qualified and looking for a new position. You call him up and hire him on the spot. You will be hiring your external resources using a work order against a contract you have with a local staffing agency. Which of the following is true regarding this situation?
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Your project is running behind schedule and over budget. The account manager of a supplier you’ve worked with before tells you that if you select them for a contract they are bidding on, they will throw in a free resource. Later that day, you meet with the vendor selection committee and see that the vendor ranks at the bottom of the stack. You select the vendor anyway to help the budget, even though it goes against the procurement policy. How may your actions be perceived?
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