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You are a senior project manager working at a manufacturing plant that produces components used by the aviation industry. You have just finalized team assignments. What action are you likely to perform next?
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A role delineation study can best be described as which of the following?
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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a motivational theory that notes that humans have five basic needs arranged in a hierarchical order. What is the first set of needs that must be met before a person can move to the next level of needs in the hierarchy?
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You are working on a project with contentious team members. You know if you resolve the conflicts, it will result in increased productivity and better working relationships. Most conflicts come about as a result of all the following except for which one?
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Sue is the head of an enterprise PMO. She delivers a presentation at the annual company meeting to describe her role’s responsibilities and the value of the PMO. As part of her presentation, Sue stresses the critical skill sets that PMs must have in order to be effective. She stresses one in particular, which is that PMs must exhibit the knowledge, skills, and behaviors needed to guide, motivate, and direct a team. What skill set is Sue referring to?
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You are working on the creation of a new television series. The producer for this series has informed you that he is the final decision-maker for all questions that arise during the course of the series. He tells you that he’ll set up a meeting with you to discuss the budget he’s set aside for the project. Your organization has created many winning series in the past, almost all of which had the same producer as the one for this project. The producer believes this will be the best series they have produced to date and has already generated a lot of excitement about this project. No other series on the air is like the series that’s being proposed. The series must be ready to debut during sweeps week in November. Which of the following is true?
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Which of the following stages of the Tuckman ladder addresses the completion of the work and release of staff?
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A project manager traveled from the United Kingdom to Mexico for a project kickoff meeting. During the meeting, they became highly offended when the project sponsor attempted to welcome them by giving them a hug. The project manager noticed that many people gave a hug as part of personal introductions and decided to leave the meeting after feeling that the project team was exhibiting inappropriate behavior. What did the project manager experience?
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Sue is the head of an enterprise PMO. She delivers a presentation at the annual company meeting to describe her roles and responsibilities and the value of the PMO. As part of her presentation, she notes that, as practitioners, project managers should abide by four core values. In particular, Sue notes that project managers should avoid conflicts of interest. Which core value addresses conflict of interest?
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Sally and Joe are two project managers working in the corporate offices of a popular fast-food franchise. They are both studying for their PMP® certification, and they have a spirited debate over who is responsible for managing and performing project integration activities. Sally claims it is the project sponsor, while Joe adamantly insists it is the project manager. Who is correct?
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