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A project manager performing Closing activities is currently focused on addressing the highest business value items first. What life cycle is she using to deliver her project?
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As part of kicking off a project, the product manager meets with the project team to review the team charter and establish team norms. The product manager also stresses the importance of quality and sets the expectation that it will be integrated into every iteration. Managing quality is sometimes called what?
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How are quality improvements implemented?
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You are the project manager for an outdoor concert event scheduled for one year from today. You’re working on the procurement documents for the computer software program that will control the lighting and screen projections during the concert. You’ve decided to contract with a professional services company that specializes in writing custom software programs. You want to minimize the risk to the organization and want a well-defined set of deliverables for a set price. You have agreed to pay the vendor a bonus if they complete the program at least 30 days earlier than scheduled, so you’ll opt for which contract type?
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Status review meetings are an important tool for informing stakeholders (and others) of the status of the project. All of the following are true regarding status review meetings except for which one?
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All of the following processes belong to the Project Integration Management Knowledge Area except for which one?
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A project manager facilitates a meeting to provide updated information regarding the progress of the project. What type of meeting is this?
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A project manager has structured his project in a way that will allow for the planning of the project to occur during the early phases of the life cycle, with minimal changes thereafter. This approach is associated with which development life cycle?
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While carrying out the Monitor and Control Project Work process, a project manager analyzes performance data to determine whether any corrective or preventive action is needed. Which of the following is a valid input that can assist the project manager in performing this activity?
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You are the project manager for Ooh La Beauty Products. Your project concerns developing a new line of bath products. You also serve on the change control board, which has just approved a scope change. You know that which of the following statements are true?
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