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Marysil, an enterprise project manager for Cups on Fire, is in the process of sequencing activities with her team to develop the project schedule. One team member noted that when the next-generation prototype cup is cauterized, it will need to sit for a period of two days before it can be hand-painted. How will Marysil reflect this within the schedule?
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A product owner attends a session with the team and other key stakeholders to review a demonstration of the deliverable produced. What is the frequency of this type of meeting when following an iteration-based Agile approach?
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Nicolas is the project manager of a project that has been described as revolutionizing the mobile fitness tracking industry. He recently finalized and published the scope. A key subject-matter expert on his team asks to see the list of acceptance criteria. What document will Nicolas reference to get this information?
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You have decomposed the deliverables for your project as follows: Project Management, Design, Build, and Test. The Design deliverable is further decomposed to include these deliverables: product design document, blueprints, and prototype. Adequate cost and schedule estimates have been applied to all the deliverables. Which of the following has occurred?
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A project manager is carrying out activities associated with the Manage Communications process. What result will these activities produce?
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Which of the following project management documents records challenges, problems, realized risks, and opportunities?
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A Scrum master facilitates a monthly session with the team to discuss what went well in the latest sprint, what could have gone better, and what they will commit to improving in the next sprint. This meeting is referred to as a:
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You have devised some proposal evaluation criteria based on past performance, contract compliance, and quality ratings to select a seller. Your organization has used two of the three vendors that bid on this project on previous projects, so you are comfortable using whichever one is selected. Which of the following is one of the most important criteria in evaluating the responses to your proposal?
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Which of the following describes who is responsible for the quality assurance of the project?
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Contract phases are closely related to the Project Procurement Management Knowledge Area processes. Which of the following are true?
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