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You work for a company that writes billing software programs for the communication industry. Your customer is located in a country that limits the number of foreigners allowed into the country. You identify this risk in your risk management plan. The critical point during the project is installation and setup. You might do which of the following, given these circumstances?
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Sue leads a PMO that is in the process of shifting the organization from using predictive to more adaptive approaches to delivering project outcomes. While coaching one of her project managers on Agile practices, she explains that Agile teams focus on rapid product development. What reason is Sue likely to provide for carrying out this approach?
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If earned value = 500, planned value = 700, and actual costs = 450, what is the cost variance?
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Which of the following methods should you use when you want to improve your estimates and account for risk and estimation uncertainty?
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Which of the following best describes individual project risk?
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What do functional requirements describe?
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A project manager learns of a recent issue that has been identified while running cable underground. The issue is deemed to be minor, so the project manager emails the project sponsor to ensure she is kept informed of all activities, as requested. What type of communication method did the project manager use?
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A project manager is working with a risk manager to prioritize individual project risks. What project management process is associated with this activity?
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You are a project manager for Lightning Bolt Enterprises using a hybrid model to manage projects. Your new project involves the research and development of a new type of rechargeable battery. The project objectives should include which of the following?
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Roshoud is the VP of customer operations for Galactic Kidz and the project sponsor of the latest project, called Project G. He sits down with Sally, the project manager, to discuss how they will respond to the risks identified. For one risk in particular, he asks Sally to facilitate the purchase of insurance to protect against a liability. What type of risk response is this?
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