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A project manager is working with a risk manager to prioritize individual project risks. What project management process is associated with this activity?
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You are a project manager for Lightning Bolt Enterprises using a hybrid model to manage projects. Your new project involves the research and development of a new type of rechargeable battery. The project objectives should include which of the following?
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Roshoud is the VP of customer operations for Galactic Kidz and the project sponsor of the latest project, called Project G. He sits down with Sally, the project manager, to discuss how they will respond to the risks identified. For one risk in particular, he asks Sally to facilitate the purchase of insurance to protect against a liability. What type of risk response is this?
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Yasmin is the project manager of a project that will produce a new line of widgets for the company. She guides the project team in defining the project requirements in detail before moving into production. Because of compliance requirements that must be met, she maintains a rigid change control process for changing requirements. What method is Yasmin using to manage the project?
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During a company town hall, the sponsor of your project announced that a new highpriority project will be kicking off in the next quarter. This is distressing news since resources are at a premium. You kick into preventive measures and pull together subjectmatter experts to begin analyzing a way to compress the project schedule to complete the project prior to the next project launch. What activity are you and the subject-matter experts performing?
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Kaylee is a risk manager working in collaboration with Alyssa, a project manager, and both work for a top healthcare company. They partner to facilitate a session to determine how the project team can best exploit an opportunity that was recently identified. Kaylee and Alyssa are performing activities associated with what project management Knowledge Area?
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You’ve taken over a project that’s currently in trouble. You’ve held a meeting with the key stakeholders to demonstrate the new product prototype. They came prepared with the product requirements and upon inspection inform you that this prototype is not what the customer specified. Your boss instructs you to get the prototype corrected and make it match the requirements the customer specified before holding a demo with the customer. She also warns you to take a look at the work of the project. She’s concerned that things aren’t happening as planned and that the last project manager was not paying close enough attention to the project plan. Corrections might be needed. What Knowledge Area does this describe?
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You are a project manager with a new company. You started less than 30 days ago. Your boss has told you it’s urgent that resources are obtained and assigned to the project as soon as possible. This is your top priority. In addition, the quality assurance team needs to be assembled. All of the following are true regarding this situation except for which one?
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You are a project manager for Fly Me to Miami travel services. You need to obtain some services for your project on contract and have published an RFP. You are in the Conduct Procurements process and know that all of the following statements are true except for which one?
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Marysil is an enterprise project manager for Cups on Fire. To date, she has identified risks, analyzed them, and developed risk responses for her project. Now, she and the team are executing the work and responding to risk triggers. What project management artifact will they need?
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