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Julie is a product manager responsible for a line of smart water bottles that connect to a mobile app to capture data and provide suggestions regarding your drinking habits. In preparation for the upcoming sprint, she meets with the team to ensure that stories are clear and appropriately sized. What activity is Julie performing with the team?
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A project manager facilitates the voting process for decision-makers who have convened to review a major deliverable that has been completed. The intent of the meeting is to vote on whether to approve and accept the deliverable. What key input will the committee need to reference to vote?
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Using the earned-value analysis technique, a project manager calculates a schedule performance index of 0.75 and a cost performance index of 1.25. To bring the schedule back on track, the project manager decides to allocate additional resources to critical activities in order to complete them faster. What technique are they using to control the schedule?
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Brad works as a project manager for a prominent law firm. His latest project involves an office move that will accommodate a 10 percent growth in staff over the next two years. Because of an unexpected increase in infrastructure costs, he calculates that he will be $2,000 over budget. What document can Brad reference to determine whether this falls within the allowable threshold for budget overages?
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Julie is a product manager responsible for a line of smart water bottles that connect to a mobile app to capture data and provide suggestions regarding your drinking habits. As part of her usual routine, she grabs a cup of coffee in the morning, sits at her desk, and evaluates the prioritization of user stories. She considers which feature should make it into her next release. What is Julie looking at?
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The Project Integration Management Knowledge Area is concerned with which of the following?
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A project sponsor called the project manager to express concern over not seeing the latest weekly update on the progress of the project. What is the sponsor looking for?
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Midway through the delivery of development services, a customer requested that new requirements be incorporated. When asked to submit a change request to modify the terms of the contract, the customer refused and insisted that the changes be implemented at no cost. After multiple discussions, neither party changed their stance on the situation. What technique will the project manager likely use to address this situation?
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A risk manager convened with the project manager to discuss the progress of the project. The risk manager shared concerns about feedback received regarding the low likelihood that the team would achieve their go-live date successfully. What activity is the project manager likely to perform next?
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These processes are responsible for distributing information about the project to the stakeholders and satisfying the needs of the stakeholders by managing communications with them, respectively.
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