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Midway through the delivery of development services, a customer requested that new requirements be incorporated. When asked to submit a change request to modify the terms of the contract, the customer refused and insisted that the changes be implemented at no cost. After multiple discussions, neither party changed their stance on the situation. What technique will the project manager likely use to address this situation?
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A risk manager convened with the project manager to discuss the progress of the project. The risk manager shared concerns about feedback received regarding the low likelihood that the team would achieve their go-live date successfully. What activity is the project manager likely to perform next?
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These processes are responsible for distributing information about the project to the stakeholders and satisfying the needs of the stakeholders by managing communications with them, respectively.
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Emma is a project manager working on a project that will require a specially engineered machine. Several manufacturers can make the machine to the specifications Emma needs. She will use purchase price as the sole criterion for choosing from among the vendors. Which of the following is true regarding this question?
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What action can a project manager take if the selected risk response strategy turns out not to be fully effective?
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You are a senior project manager for a company that produces mobile phone applications. In your latest project, you have teamed up with another project manager, who will manage a subset of the project. She tells you that the work packages have been decomposed and milestones captured for her deliverables. Together, you review her list of milestones, the first of which reads “Finish GUI: 30 Days.” What is wrong with this scenario?
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Your project sponsor has reviewed the initial project schedule you created for the project. She is not happy with the project end date because it doesn’t match the promise date she gave the customer. You decide to use some compression techniques first. Which of the following statements should you keep in mind (and know to be true) regarding duration compression?
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You are a project manager for Time Will Tell, an international watch manufacturer. Your project entails developing a watch with global positioning satellite (GPS) capabilities. Kit is a junior staff member with two years of experience in GPS technology. Carrie is a senior staff member with five years of experience working with GPS technology. You are developing the activity duration estimates for the project activities. You are trying to determine an estimate for a particular activity that involves GPS skills and knowledge. Carrie has worked on activities similar to this in the past. She tells you the activity will likely take 45 days. All of the following statements are true regarding the information in this question except which one?
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Which of the following represents a definitive range of estimates?
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Which of the following statements best describes the product scope?
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