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A project manager is preparing to lead a project status meeting later that afternoon. The project is currently 75 percent complete and is reaching the most critical point. Since the project sponsor is planning on attending the meeting, the project manager decides to update the earned value calculations to present the latest performance updates in terms that the sponsor will want to see. The budget at completion (BAC) is set at $550,000, and the current estimate at completion (EAC) is at $525,000. How is the project performing in terms of the budget?
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While performing activities associated with controlling project and product scope, a project manager uncovers scope creep. What is scope creep?
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You are using the critical chain method to construct your schedule, and there are variances in your critical path tasks. Which of the following is true?
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You are the project manager for a project that will produce a mobile phone application that sends alerts when UV rays are at dangerous levels, alerting users to stay indoors. You are in the process of managing the schedule and use a chart to track the work that remains to be completed within the iteration backlog. What is this chart called?
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Roshoud is the VP of customer operations for Galactic Kidz and is the project sponsor of the latest project, called Project G. He sits down with Sally, the project manager, to discuss resource utilization on the project. He expresses concern after recently hearing that resources have been unavailable as planned. Sally admits that this has been the case and that it has set the project back unexpectedly. What action should Sally take to remedy the situation?
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Which of the following values refers to the value of the work planned to be completed?
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Earned value analysis, iteration burndown chart, performance reviews, trend analysis, variance analysis, and what-if scenario analysis are all types of what?
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Carina is a principal project manager of You’ve Got Dogs, a specialty company that creates custom dog apparel and toys. As part of her practice, she sits down with her sponsor to regularly evaluate how the project is performing. In their most recent meeting, they analyze whether sufficient contingency and management reserves remain. What technique is Carina using?
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You are a project manager working in an organization that is considered to be a weak matrix organizational type. You are two months into a four-month project when the functional manager for half of your most critical resources announces that she will be reallocating them to another project. You explain to her that this will result in early closure of your project and that resources should not be redirected. If the functional manager succeeds in reallocating the resources, what type of ending will the project experience?
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A project manager is performing closing activities and is getting ready to release project resources. What document can they reference for guidance on how resources are to be released?
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