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Roshoud is serving as the project sponsor for a high-visibility project within the Galactic Kidz corporation. During a weekly executive status meeting, he expresses concern regarding quality assurance and requests an update. Quality assurance is most concerned with what?
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Sally is a project manager who works at Galactic Kidz. While managing the execution of the project team’s work, she notices that two critical activities are delayed and decides to speak to the project sponsor. What action are Sally and the project sponsor likely to take?
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You work within a team that uses a feature-driven development approach to manage software projects. As the senior project manager on the team, you know from experience the criticality of communication. You often coach other project managers on the various elements of communication, which are incorporated within the models of communication exchange. Which of the following best explains these communication elements?
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Leticia is a project manager working for Dancing Apron, a company that combines cooking with simple children’s cooking recipes and music. Her latest project involves the release of the company’s first digital product that parents will be able to purchase and download online. Kip, who is the sponsor of the project, asks her to calculate the EAC assuming that the work will be accomplished at the planned rate. Leticia knows that they have spent $15,000 to date of the $20,000 budgeted and that the earned value of the project has already been calculated at $18,000. What is the EAC that she will communicate to Kip?
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Reasons to Lyv is the top customer of a large marketing firm. Trudy is the president of Reasons to Lyv and has decided to launch a product that leverages new GPS tracking technology. She sits down with Roy, the project manager on the project, to review and evaluate whether a sufficient amount of funds remains to address known risks. What activity are they performing?
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The project sponsor emails the project manager urgently requesting the latest measurement of cumulative work performed, expressed in terms of the approved budget. The sponsor notes that they must have this information by end of day to prepare for a critical meeting the next morning. What information is the sponsor looking for?
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Projects that combine elements of different life cycles to achieve a specific goal are said to use what type of project life cycle?
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The project team recently participated in a working session to determine the costs associated with individual activities. To produce a more accurate estimate, they broke each activity down further into smaller chunks. What will this activity yield?
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You’ve gathered cost estimates for the activities of your current project. Most of the activities can be completed with existing staff resources. The summary cost estimate for existing resources is $535,000. You will also need to hire contractors to perform some of the activities that require specialized skills. You’ve received a bid from a local vendor for $137,000 for these services. Which of the following statements are true?
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You are working on the risk management plan for your current project and need to document how the risk activities will be recorded for the benefit of future projects. Which part of the risk management plan addresses these issues?
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