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Your project has kicked off, and you are beginning a series of overview sessions with key users to determine requirements for a new enterprise resource software implementation. One of your stakeholders is exceptionally contentious and throws obstacles up at every turn. One of the problems she has described does seem to be legitimate. There is an issue with the data from the legacy system that needs to be resolved before moving forward. Which of the following statements is not true regarding this situation?
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Which of the following best describes the servant leadership approach used in Agile projects?
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Carina is a principal project manager of You’ve Got Dogs, a specialty company that creates custom dog apparel and toys. Three months into the project, she kicks off the second phase of a project that is developing high-tech dog bones. As part of her practice, she sits down with her sponsor to determine whether there are any new players that they missed in the first phase, and they hold a discussion on the direction of influence of these new stakeholders. What activity is Carina carrying out?
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