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Match the decision-making technique with its description.
Term Description
Uses unanimity, majority, or plurality to make decisions
Multicriteria decision analysis
One individual makes the decision
Uses a systematic approach to making decisions
You are in the Manage Team process and preparing for your individual team members’ performance assessments. You will use one of the tools and techniques of this process to determine each team member’s leadership, influencing, and effective decision-making capabilities. Which tool and technique is this referring to?
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Your manager knocks on your door and asks whether you have time to discuss the recent draft status report you sent her for review. She knows you are interested in performing at your best, but it seems that the third paragraph of the status report may contain a misstatement. She diligently listens to your explanation and realizes that her assumptions were incorrect. She explains that if she misunderstood, others might also. She asks if you wouldn’t mind taking a stab at clarifying this paragraph. Which theory does your manager practice?
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Which of the following conflict-resolution techniques emphasizes areas of agreement rather than areas of difference?
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Avoiding, accommodating, reconciling, directing, and problem-solving are all considered to be types of what?
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