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Match the Agile project charter component to the question it addresses.
Charter Component Question Addressed
Project purpose
How are we going to work together?
Project vision
Why are we doing this project?
Release criteria
Who benefits and how?
Flow of work
What does “done” mean for the project?
The project manager using a predictive delivery approach develops a project management plan to describe how the project will be executed, monitored, controlled, and closed. Which of the following is a valid tool to assist the project manager to assure the success of the project management plan?
Select one
The project sponsor of a project has just met with the organization’s senior executives to provide them with a summary of the latest project that is about to kick off. He introduces Yasmin, the project manager, and commits to the room of executives that the project is bound to be a success. Who assumes responsibility for the success of the project?
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Herzberg’s Hygiene Theory notes that there are two factors that contribute to motivation, one being hygiene factors. Which of the following represents the second factor?
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Cheryl is a procurement manager assigned to a project that implemented a new system patching service. She sits down with the project manager to review the final performance of the primary vendor used, highlighting the many issues that they experienced with the vendor, including delivering three weeks late and going over budget by $5,000. Cheryl spends an additional hour with the project manager identifying what they could have done differently and what they did well in addressing the vendor issues as they occurred. What activity are Cheryl and the project manager engaged in?
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