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Match the project life cycle with its respective description.
Life Cycle Name Description
Predictive life cycle
A traditional approach where the majority of planning occurs up front, followed by execution of the work
Iterative life cycle
An approach that allows feedback on unfinished work to improve and modify the work
Incremental life cycle
An approach that is both iterative and incremental to refine work items and deliver frequently
Agile life cycle
An approach that provides deliverables to the customers to use immediately
While carrying out the Monitor and Control Project Work process, a project manager analyzes performance data to determine whether any corrective or preventive action is needed. Which of the following is a valid input that can assist the project manager in performing this activity?
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You are the project manager for Ooh La Beauty Products. Your project concerns developing a new line of bath products. You also serve on the change control board, which has just approved a scope change. You know that which of the following statements are true?
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A project manager is preparing to lead a project status meeting later that afternoon. The project is currently 75 percent complete and is reaching the most critical point. Since the project sponsor is planning on attending the meeting, the project manager decides to update the earned value calculations to present the latest performance updates in terms that the sponsor will want to see. The budget at completion (BAC) is set at $550,000, and the current estimate at completion (EAC) is at $525,000. How is the project performing in terms of the budget?
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While performing activities associated with controlling project and product scope, a project manager uncovers scope creep. What is scope creep?
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