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Match the Agile approach with its description.
Agile Approach Description
Feature-driven development
Allows for continuous flow of work and value to the customer. This approach is less prescriptive and pulls single items through the process continuously.
A single-team process framework used to manage product development. This approach uses timeboxed sprints of one month or less and revolves around three core roles.
A software development method based on frequent cycles. This approach attempts to distill a best practice into its simplest and purest form and then applies that practice continuously.
eXtreme programming
Used for software projects and features accelerated cycles and less heavyweight processes. This approach focuses on performing more iterative cycles across seven key disciplines and incorporates feedback before formal delivery.
Agile unified process
Used to meet the needs of a large software development project. This approach revolves around six core roles and is organized around five activities that are performed iteratively.
Using the estimates provided, calculate the beta distribution: most likely estimate (ML) = 72, optimistic estimate (O) = 55, pessimistic estimate (P) = 85. Round to one decimal point.
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You are a project manager working on manufacturing a new product. The operational process is very detailed. One of the components of the product must measure 1 centimeter by 1 centimeter. Reliability is measured using a machine that samples one part in every hundred to assure the measurements are correct. Which of the following does this question describe?
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Sue leads a PMO that is in the process of shifting the organization from using predictive to more adaptive approaches to delivering project outcomes. During an Agile training session for her organization, a team member asks, “How many people are on a project team?” What response is Sue likely to provide?
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Which of the following estimate ranges represents a rough order of magnitude?
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