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A functional manager hosted a celebration for the project team to reward them for a job well done that led to the successful completion of a major project. It was clear to the project manager that the team was relaxed and enjoying themselves, with some talking about upcoming vacation plans. What type of organizational structure does the project team likely work within?
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A project manager is performing activities associated with the Plan Procurement Management process. Which tool or technique can the project manager use to gather information on specific seller capabilities?
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Which environmental factor should you pay close attention to when carrying out the Identify Stakeholders process?
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A portfolio manager is leading a project portfolio planning exercise to determine which projects will move forward in the new quarter that support the strategic goals of the portfolio. She decides to use a scoring model to rate projects against the following three criteria: profit potential, ease of use, marketability. Based on the table provided, which project will likely move forward? Criteria Weight *Project A Score *Project B Score *Project C Score Profit potential 5 5 2 1 Marketability 1 1 5 3 Ease of use 3 2 3 5 Weighted score — — — —
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Which of the following are types of PMOs?
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