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Robert is a new executive hired to lead the marketing department of a telecommunications company. He recently met with his project management team to review the project portfolio. Next, he sets his sights on better understanding the governance framework in place. Governance is considered to be which of the following?
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When joining a new organization, what must a new project manager do to be effective?
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Nicolas is the project manager of a project that has been described as revolutionizing the mobile fitness tracking industry. After a few preliminary strategy sessions, he pulls together the core team and notes that they will be defining deliverables early in the development life cycle and progressively elaborating them as the project progresses. What development life cycle is Nicolas following on the project?
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A project manager is providing guidance to the project team on the steps required to generate the work breakdown structure (WBS). She lists the following: 1) identify the deliverables and work, 2) organize the WBS, 3) decompose the WBS components into lower-level components, and 4) assign identification codes. What is the fifth step?
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Match the project manager’s level of authority based on the organizational structure type.
Organizational Structure Type Authority
High to almost total
Strong matrix
Little to none
Weak matrix
Moderate to high