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A project manager is responsible for a project that consists of Agile team members dispersed across four time zones. The team has experienced communication issues as a result. What can the project manager do to alleviate the communication challenges?
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This methodology uses an iterative-based Agile approach. It is a single-team framework that is primarily used to manage product development. At the end of each iteration, the team facilitates a meeting to review what went well and ideas for improvement. Which methodology does this describe, and what technique is this question referring to?
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You have been assigned a new project and meet with your manager to discuss it further. The PMO organization has been on a journey over the past six months to become an Agile PMO. Your manager shares that the new project should be managed using an adaptive approach to support the direction of the team. He further clarifies that the project will be highly constraint-driven with a strong focus on quality and time and that the executive team expects incremental builds. Which of the following adaptive approaches should you use to manage this project?
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Sue is leading the transformation of her PMO from a directive PMO to an Agile PMO. What characteristics is Sue likely to highlight when describing the Agile PMO to the company’s leadership team?
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You are a lead project manager for a company that develops and manufactures healthcare devices. Your team has recently begun to adopt Agile practices after receiving the directive from the division president. While the team has complied, you know from experience that hybrid is the best path forward. You request and are granted a meeting with the division president, where you present your case advocating for a hybrid approach. At the close of the meeting, she agrees to your recommendation, crediting your experience and background. What power type is at play in this scenario?
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