New PMP Question & Answers with explanation

Which of the following best defines backlog refinement?
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Calculate the to-complete performance index (TCPI) based on the current EAC, using the following values: BAC = 15,000, AC = 12,000, EV = 10,000, EAC = 17,000.
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Match the examples provided to the corresponding categories of influence that affect projects.
Categories of Project Influence
Examples Category
Organizational culture
Enterprise environmental factors
Employee capability
Organizational process assets
Organizational policies
Lessons learned
Marketplace conditions
You are a project manager for SubZero Delights, a company that offers extraordinary experiences to travelers. You have been working hard at developing your own personal leadership skills and have recruited a mentor to help you. During a mentoring session, you ask your mentor to talk about the characteristics that good leaders exhibit. What characteristics are they likely to call out?
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A project manager became aware of a disagreement between two developers who have been paired together to write code. Which conflict-resolution technique should the project manager use to create a win-win situation?
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