New PMP Question & Answers with explanation

A project manager is developing a high-level summary timeline of the schedule, based on the product road map, in collaboration with the team. This exercise will determine the number of sprints that are included within the release. Which tool or technique is the project manager and team using to develop the schedule?
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Your organization is experiencing a shake-up at the top levels of management. Your project team has expressed concerns that their project might be canceled because of the changes going on at the top. Sure enough, your project team was correct in their suspicions. You’ve received notice that the project is canceled. The team has one remaining deliverable for the project that was scheduled for completion next month. Your next step is to document the work results to date. Which of the following describes the tools and techniques of the process this question describes?
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You are a project manager working within a division that recently experienced a reorganization. During a staff meeting, you learn that division leadership announced shifting technology to the cloud as the top strategic priority. You have been managing a project using an Agile approach, and you know this has a direct impact on your project. What are you likely to do next?
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The president of the company has asked you to lead a large new project that links to the company’s number-one strategic priority. As a result, you will need to transition one of your other projects to another project manager. During a transitionary meeting, your colleague asks to see what training has been planned for the team. Where is this information captured?
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A small sample of your project’s PERT calculations is shown here. Activity 2 is particularly important to the project, and your stakeholders are asking for a confidence level for this activity. You tell them there is a 95.44 percent chance of completing activity 2 within how many days?

Likely Expected Value
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