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Match the leadership style with its description.
Leadership Styles
Type Description
Allows the team to make their own decisions and establish their own goals
Uses a combination of transactional, transformational, and charismatic
Servant Leader
Focuses on management by exception; rewards based on goals, feedback, and accomplishments
Puts others first and demonstrates commitment to serve
Enthusiastic, high-energy, and able to inspire others
The project manager had received two complaints that three project team members were arguing over the interpretation of schedule analysis results conducted the previous day. The project manager had waited to see whether they would work it out among themselves, but another two complaints were made that the situation was affecting the work of others. What should the project manager do?
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If activity A has a duration of 10 days and activity B has a duration of 7 days with a 2- day lag, what is the overall duration of both activities combined, given a start-to-start relationship with an assumption that both activities will begin as soon as possible?
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Every Friday the development teams at Blazing Broadband Internet Solutions are treated to a free massage and a catered lunch. The CEO authorized this extra activity as a means of retaining top performers at the company and to give the human resources department extra leverage in attracting new employees with an added benefit. Benefits provided to employees who are doing a great job are known as:
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Hal has been assigned as part of the research team on a project that involves working with the latest lab software. You’ve noticed Hal working longer hours than the rest of the research team. When you approach him about this, he shares that he hasn’t quite grasped how to utilize the new program and has been wrestling with it for some time. As the project manager, what should you do?
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