769 New PMP Process Questions & Answers with explanation

A product owner calls the Scrum master and requests to see the remaining work effort for the sprint. What is the Scrum master likely to show the product owner in response?
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Adaptive life cycles are also known by what other name?
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A project manager working within an Agile PMO is using a new approved contractor to fast-track the implementation of cloud-based solutions for her project. As part of overseeing the procurement activities for the project, she conducts a structured review of the work performed by the contractor. Which tool and technique does this question describe?
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In flow-based Agile, what questions are teams likely to pose during stand-ups?
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Match the Agile project charter component to the question it addresses.
Charter Component Question Addressed
Project vision
What does “done” mean for the project?
Flow of work
How are we going to work together?
Release criteria
Who benefits and how?
Project purpose
Why are we doing this project?
Agile teams favor which type of performance measurement?
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A Scrum master brings the team together at 9 a.m. sharp every morning. He asks the team the following questions: What did you accomplish yesterday? What will you work on today? Do you have any roadblocks or issues preventing you from doing your work? What activity is the team engaged in?
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An Agile approach can alleviate issues that result when high uncertainty exists. Which of the following is an example of a pain point that Agile addresses under these circumstances?
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Match the project life cycle with its corresponding goal.
Project Life Cycles
Type Description
Correctness of solution
Customer value via frequent deliveries and feedback
Manage cost
Tom is a project manager working for a reputable editorial agency specializing in exam preparation. He and his team use Agile approaches to manage projects. Because of the company’s growth, three new project managers have been hired, and Tom has stepped up to mentor the new hires. Given their limited experience with Agile, he decides to walk them through the four values and twelve principles that define Agile in order to help them adopt an Agile mindset. What is Tom reviewing with the project managers?
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