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Which of the following is true?
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Phase endings are characterized by which of the following?
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After meeting with several subject-matter experts, the project manager determines that the project phases will need to occur one after the other. What project life cycle is the project manager using?
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The project processes are iterative, are results oriented, and interact with each other. Shewhart and Deming developed a concept that reflects this idea. Which of the following is the name of this cycle?
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A sponsor meets with the project manager to better understand when the team will complete the project. The project manager notes that the team is completing an average of 40 story points per sprint, and as a result, they would complete the project within five iterations. She shows the sponsor a chart that reflects the projection and includes a date for each iteration. What chart is the project manager and sponsor reviewing?
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All of the following are true statements except for which one?
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Using the estimates provided, calculate the beta distribution: most likely estimate (ML) = 72, optimistic estimate (O) = 55, pessimistic estimate (P) = 85. Round to one decimal point.
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You are a project manager working on manufacturing a new product. The operational process is very detailed. One of the components of the product must measure 1 centimeter by 1 centimeter. Reliability is measured using a machine that samples one part in every hundred to assure the measurements are correct. Which of the following does this question describe?
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Which of the following estimate ranges represents a rough order of magnitude?
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Grant hesitantly knocks on his project sponsor’s door to notify her of a budget overage that has occurred. Because of a vendor error, he shared that a critical piece of equipment would cost $30,000 more than originally estimated. Fortunately for Grant, the sponsor understood the situation and approved the use of funds set aside for unexpected events. From where will Grant pull the funds to cover the equipment?
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