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Match the leadership style to its corresponding attributes.
Leadership Style Attributes
A hands-off approach
Seeks to inspire and encourage innovation
Puts other people first
Servant leader
Management by exception
High-energy and enthusiastic
You are a contract project manager and have entered into the requirements-gathering phase of your project. Two of the departments you’re working with on this project have competing interests regarding this project and have done everything they can, including sabotage, to undermine the work so far. To finish up the requirements-gathering phase, you will have to exert some influence. Which of the following statements is true regarding influencing the organization?
Select three
Dr. William Ouchi developed a theory that is concerned with increasing employees’ loyalty to their organizations and places emphasis on the well-being of the employees, both at work and outside of work. What is the name of this leadership theory?
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Carina is a principal project manager of You’ve Got Dogs, a specialty company that creates custom dog apparel and toys. As part of her latest project, she struggles to rein in the team, who seem to be at each other’s throats. She knows everyone has good intentions, but they are not yet open and trusting with each other. What phase of the team development model is the team currently in?
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You’ve just accepted a new project management assignment. The project is for a customer in a foreign country. You’ve requested a business analyst and two other project team members from the country the customer resides in to participate on your team. The remaining team members are from your country. You know that the best way to ensure that the project team doesn’t get bogged down in cultural differences and hold up project progress is to do which of the following?
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