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Match the following terms with the statements that describe them.

Term Description
Project and program management
Concerned with working on the right projects at the right time
Portfolio management
Focus on performing the projects in the right way
Organization project management
Centralized unit that oversees the management of projects throughout the organization
Project management office
Ensures projects are aligned with the organization's strategic business objectives
This tool and technique of the Close Project or Phase process looks at project variables and how they contributed to project outcomes. This is for the purpose of improving performance on future projects.
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You are a contract project manager working with the State of Bliss. Your latest project involves rewriting the Department of Revenue's income tax system. As project manager, you have taken all the appropriate actions regarding confidentiality of data. One of the key stakeholders is a huge movie buff, and she has the power to promote you into a better position at the conclusion of this project. She's reviewing some report data that just happens to include confidential information regarding one of her favorite movie superstars. What is the most appropriate response?
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You know that BAC = 2500, PV = 1250, AC = 1275, EV = 1150, and that you are experiencing typical cost variances. What is ETC?
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You know that BAC = 500, PV = 325, AC = 275, CPI = 0.9, and EV = 250, and you are using actual costs to date and assuming ETC uses the budgeted rate. What is Variance at Completion?
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